Jane Young

CCSS Freedom From Self-Sabotage Coach

Find your way back from perfectionist parenting, parental influences, media influences, radio, TV, movies. They all stole our thunder. Let’s get it back! Learn more about why we self-sabotage and how we can reprogram ourselves to overcome it. It’s never too late to get your thunder back!

Hello I’m Jane.

I run an overcoming self-sabotage programme for people whose thunder has been stolen, thus making them feel uncomfortable using their voice, speaking their truth, setting healthy boundaries and taking a proper adult role in their lives.

Working together we’ll review your internal programs for dormant behaviours that are holding you back from living as an empowered, constantly evolving and independent human being. It’s time to take advantage of what you already have and finally step out of your own way. It’s not about learning. It’s about remembering what inner strengths and super powers already live inside you.

I only takes 2 one-on-one clients a month so contact me today to get started.

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